Save Black Diamond is a network of volunteers and supporters working to protect Black Diamond, WA, and the surrounding areas from irresponsible land development. Irresponsible development costs us all. In tangible ways, we pay for utilities, roads, schools, and any “improvement” that will later be necessary because the developer did not pay up front. 

Perhaps more importantly, we lose beautiful wilderness, peace and quiet, local businesses, our voice in our local government, and our historic charm. We are opposed to the massive development proposed by the Yarrow Bay Corporation.

The developer lobbied to get a long-term “entitlement” to build over 6,000 housing units and commercial development with space equivalent to ten Wal-Marts.

We work to monitor and hold accountable the City of Black Diamond and other government entities to protect our rights from significant challenges this development will bring to our future.

Black Diamond Lake with the city of Black Diamond in the distance.

You are invited to learn more and join us in our various projects. We welcome your ideas, and may be able to assist you on issues important to you.

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  1. John and Angie Jennings says:

    We live in Green Valley and are concerned about the impact of this development.

  2. Yvonne says:

    Take a lesson from the breakneck speed and issues caused by the Snoqualmie Ridge development. There is a rift between the old and new development sections of town as well as a strain on the resources and schools in the valley. There are a number of houses in the various Snoqualmie Ridge developments that are in foreclosure and short sales. The community went in too fast and without proper oversight to the impacts that it would have on the overall community of Snoqualmie as well as the valley. There may need to be growth but it should be moderated growth so that the area can sustain it.

  3. Kelley says:

    Whenever developement takes place it leaves in its wake consequences that often were unforseen. My grandparents bought their house on Lake Saywer in 1958. There were only a hand full of year round residents at that time. The Lake was clear, clean and the families took their drinking water from the lake. Now there are thousands of residences and the lake is polluted. When I was a child you could see to the bottom every where the water was so clear, now you can not see the bottom even a few feet from shore. The huge mats of green alge are from the lack of sewer around the lake. The lake could always support fishing with only natural stock, but this year short sighted people introduced super trout into an already struggling ecosystem destroying the natural balance for the natural reproductive cycle by introducing large 3 pound and up predators with no check to destroy the nests and fry of the native species. Who thought this was a good Idea? Are we that stupid? And now we must do what we can to prevent this same shorsightedness from destroying the whole town. I am all for progress, but only if it makes sense, Yarrow bay does not care about the long term destruction they will leave behind. They only want to make a buck now. This is a just say NO moment.

  4. Adam says:

    I oppose the development just for the fact that they say traffic on Green Valley Rd will increase 300-400 percent. That is staggering and the actual number will probably be much higher as people get tired of sitting in the bumper to bumper traffic that is bound to build around 4 corners and Covington. Green Valley Rd is a beautiful peaceful country road lined with farms.. I would hate to see it destroyed by people (developers) who have no idea what impact their actions will have on the surrounding areas. There is no reason to develop the area on such a large scale as what is being proposed.

  5. Monica S says:

    The character of our town is not rooftops as far as the eye can see – it is TREETOPS.
    Yarrow Bay is going to install a town – on our town.

    There will be no attempt at blending in or use of what beauty is already here as natural buffers. Just clearing, grading, hauling, paving, noise and the loss of character.

    The only thing unique about this development is the size.

  6. Bonnie Tetlock says:

    I would hate to see developers come in. I do not live in the area, but I enjoy coming there, and love the green valley road. I would like to live there, that is what a gem it is. I live in a different country, and I would move there. I used to think the Maple Valley near Enunclaw was the most beautiful place, but developers ruined that about 15 years ago. I used to want to live there.


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